Friday, October 24, 2014

Four years old

Can you believe our baby is four years old already?! Well she is. She had her checkup this morning. She was bouncing off the walls, talking to everyone, and being super silly. I had warned her that she was probably going to get shots (and she did, 4 of them!) but she had obviously not remembered what that was like. The poor nurse had just given a baby shots next door and then told Kaylee "please don't be sad with me". She's always been so awesome with my kiddos and she's always so sad when she has to give them shots. Kaylee did ok. She was upset, obviously, but didn't scream much, lol. After she said "why did she do that to me?". The poor nurse was upset. I told Kaylee that we have shots so we don't feel really bad and asked her if she wanted to feel really bad. She said yes. Silly. But after a toy from the treasure chest, a lollipop, and a My Little Pony sticker, everything was mostly ok. She asked me later "why did she poke me?". Love this age :-)

So she's now 34 lbs and 40.5 inches tall. And no worries at all with hearing or vision. She's an amazing little girl. Even if she is 4 going on 14!

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